If you type in the search engines for a professional contractor for whatever service you need, you will find a ton of recommended people to hire. Problem is some of the reviews are all fake and you need to make your choices and research when you decide to remodel your home. If you do not you will end up spending a ton of money on a project you are not happy with.
Here are some good questions to ask the local contractors when you need to find the best for the job:

1.    Find out if the have liability. Ask them for a copy of the certificate and make sure it covers at least 500 thousand at the bare minimum.
2.    Do you have Workman’s Comp insurance? How soon can I get a copy?
3.    Home many employees they might have is a good thing to know. Also if the work with other subcontractors and if they can give you there information as well.
4.    Does your service require licensing? In Toronto roofers must be registered with full licenses to operate, and plumbers and electricians have actual supply you with there certificate numbers. All other contractors are in the clear and do not have to show you anything by law, so those are the ones you really need to pay close attention to.
5.    Another point to consider is if they can give you the full estimate and requirements in writing. It is always better to be safe than sorry. I have seen so many people not do there research and end up paying for a simple job 2 times from their own pocket, either because it was done wrong or they contractor disappeared on them. So please make sure you look into all the fine print and reviews when hiring one of these services.

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